How to Implement SEO on an Affiliate Internet Marketing Website

The search engine optimization (SEO) process for an affiliate Internet marketing website is the same as it is for every other website on the Internet. When search engines detect and find multiple instances of the same keyword on your affiliate website, in addition to original, well-written content, your website can rank high in search results. When implementing SEO on your affiliate website, you must choose keywords that are relevant to your niche or business, then develop and publish content related to those specific keywords. Other SEO strategies you can use are creating back links to your website, and making sure that your website adheres to search engine guidelines. Use this article as a guide to help you implement SEO into your affiliate Internet marketing website.

Choose keywords to use on your affiliate website.

The keywords you choose should be relevant to the affiliate products and services on your website. For example, if your affiliate website features baseball products, your main keyword can be “baseball,” and should be used in phrases such as “baseball bats” or “baseball caps.”

Determine the popularity of your keywords.

This process will inform you whether the keywords you have chosen will be effective in bringing traffic to your website. The popularity of keywords is based on the frequency at which those keywords are entered by users into a search engine.

  • Use an Internet keyword tool, such as “Google Keyword Tool,” to measure the popularity of your keywords on the Internet. The link to this tool is featured on the “Shuck a Buck” website displayed in the Sources section of this article.
  • Review all the keywords and phrases displayed within the keyword tool. You may find other keyword combinations that are more effective and popular than your original keywords.

Publish original content on your website using the keywords you have chosen.

This practice will maximize the SEO of your affiliate marketing website. For example, if your affiliate website features video game products, post video game strategy hints and tips, or a list of top-rated video games.

  • Use a specific keyword or phrase naturally 2 or 3 times throughout each article or post on your website. Your posts should each contain between 400 and 500 words to attract interested readers.

Write reviews about the products featured on your affiliate website.

In most cases, Internet users search specifically for reviews when they are considering buying a certain product and want more information about that product. For example, on a video game affiliate website, you can write and publish reviews about several video games.

Build a series of back links to your website.

Back links are links to your affiliate marketing website that are posted on other websites. An example of a backlink instance is when your friend has a personal blog, and places your website link on their blog to help promote your sales.

  • Use public domains to build back links. Examples of domains you can use are Yahoo Answers and Ezine Articles. Yahoo Answers will allow you to answer other users’ questions related to your affiliate niche; whereas with Ezine Articles, you can publish informative articles about your niche. Both sites will allow you to include back links to your affiliate website within the content.

Adhere to search engine webmaster guidelines.

Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing all have guidelines in place for websites in regards to SEO. For example, to rank high in Google’s search engine, all the links on your website must work properly and contain original content with relevant keywords.

  • Visit the “Google Support” website featured in the Sources section of this article to review a complete list of webmaster guidelines for Google. To review the webmaster guidelines for Bing or Yahoo, enter “Bing” or “Yahoo” followed by the phrase “webmaster guidelines” into your search engine.

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