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Running a website or a blog is a full-time job, as you have to take account of several factors like SEO, web development, and many others.

You are only seeing a successful website at the face value, yet the statistics of any successful website speak volumes of a better SEO strategy.

Optimizing your website through search engine optimization tools is a daunting task.

 You have to calibrate your website with the best SEO tools from time to time to improve its ranking.

SEO can be the make or break in your career of being a successful webmaster.

If you are into this enterprise, you may know the importance of SEO that helps you rank your website on top SERPs and generate revenue.

To improve your website’s SEO, you need some online tools that work best for you.

Prepostseo is a leading platform having plenty of SEO tools that are meant to make your website better.

Let me review this website to see whether it is a good platform or not.

SO, let’s start our topic without further ado.


Based out of Pakistan, it has one of the best free online SEO tools. They have developed more than 95 tools for webmasters, students, writers, and SEO experts.

Information related to this website is given in the picture below:

The interface of prepostseo is simple and compelling. It induces a sense of urgency for the visitor to search for the desired tool.

Websites having a vague design have increased bounce rates. Sites with complex interfaces create difficulty for users to figure out what to do, and ultimately people tend to leave these websites soon.

Prepostseo has a long list of SEO and other auxiliary tools. They also have plugins that can boost your website SEO and gives you an SEO score before publishing the content.

Moreover, it helps you to remove duplicate content harmful to your website. Needless to say, their tools are one of the best for link building.

These tools are free to use for a visitor but the search queries are limited to 500 per month.

On the other hand, you can get premium plans depending upon your budget or requirement on a monthly or yearly basis.

Nevertheless, these plans give you room for more searches and a greater word limit coupled with several other factors.

Its premium plans are given below:

As discussed, they host a lot of tools but some of them are popular among the masses.

Prepostseo provides services with the following major tools:

  1. Plagiarism Checker
  2. Paraphrasing Tool
  3. Article Rewriter
  4. Domain Authority Checker
  5. Word Counter

Plagiarism Checker:

Prepostseo plagiarism checker intimates you about the presence of plagiarism in your content. Plagiarism greatly affects your overall website SEO because google still considers content as the single most important ranking factor.

It is a fast plagiarism checker that takes up your content and fetches similarity among billions of databases across google.

Features of prepostseo Plagiarism checker:

Content uploading:

 Instead of copying, you can upload the content that you want to check by clicking on the upload content option.

High Accuracy:

At its initial stages, the prepostseo plagiarism checker had some trivial issues. But they have been working on it since its creation and now it is considered one of the best plagiarism checkers.

People are using it regularly for proofreading their content. It gives close to 100% accurate results thus making it an authority in this league.

Multiple language support:

You can check copied content in various languages, as it supports multiple languages.

Plagiarism app and extension:

For your convenience, prepostseo plagiarism checker provides an android and iOS app as well as a chrome extension.

Complete report:

This plagiarism checker gives a complete report that you can download in pdf form.  Regardless, you can see the comprehensive results containing plagiarized and unique content percentage, and sources as given below.

Low word limit for unregistered:

If you haven’t subscribed to their plans yet, you can only check 1000 words document in one go.

 You can check more words in one go unless you subscribe to one of their plans. Nonetheless, despite getting registered you can’t get an unlimited words limit.

To get unlimited words plagiarism checker, you have to get an enterprise plan.

Paraphrasing tool:

Their paraphrasing tool rephrases your content intelligently by changing the lexicon of words and sentences while keeping their semantic meanings.

It becomes the best tool to replace plagiarized content from your text with fresh content.

Webmasters and bloggers use this tool to save time and energy, as they can get brand new content from already written articles with a click.

You can get your desired content by uploading or copy-pasting the content in the tool.



SEO friendly:

The most awesome feature of the prepostseo paraphrasing tool is that it is safe for SEO, as it produces SEO-optimized content.

The paraphrased text is readable and full of keywords.

Stages of paraphrasing:

This paraphraser takes care of your needs while paraphrasing, therefore it comes with different levels of paraphrasing.

Different language options:

Now you can paraphrase in more than 15 languages by using the prepostseo paraphrasing tool.

Instant results:

This can be an ideal paraphrasing tool for those who need instant results as it gives results in split seconds.

This tool further gives you an option to rephrase again if the results are not up to the mark.

Therefore, it is highly recommended among its competitors.

 Article rewriter:

It is another rewriting tool particularly used by students and people related to academics. This tool rewrites essays, assignments, and other articles and removes duplicate content.

 Article Rewriter is not only popular in academic circles but also among bloggers and content writers.




Free to use:

It is a delight for students to get a free tool that rephrases their text in seconds without any cost.

Different stages of rewriting:

This article rewriter has 4 stages of rewriting.

You can set the intensity of paraphrasing according to your need.

No word limit:

This is the best thing about this rewriter that it rephrases the sentences without any set limit. That means you can spin as much text as you can.

Domain Authority Checker:

While link building you should know the domain authority because it is an important metric that tells a website’s SEO health.

Therefore prepostseo developed a DA PA checker that gives the domain score between 0-100 of a website.

There are several DA checkers but this tool is a reasonable one because of these reasons.

Bulk DA tool:

The best feature that you won’t find among its competitors is that it checks the DA of a large number of websites or URLs.

A registered user can check 25 URLs at a time.

Premium bulk checker:

This tool is a bit restricted for bulk checking. If you are a premium user and have paid for that plan then you can check 500 URLs at a time.

This is an exclusive offer for those who can pay for monthly or yearly plans.

A complete analyzer:

This tool gives a complete analysis of a website by checking its DA. It gives spam score, DA, and PA with IP address.

Word Counter:

Their word counter is an amazing tool and is much more unique as compared to other word counters on the internet.


Countless checking:

You can use this word counter to check plenty of files in one sitting. This word analyzer gives you the freedom to check almost 50 files at one time.

Detailed word counter-report:

Casual word counters only give the number of words or characters in a text. However, this tool provides a detailed analysis of the text to give you deep insights into your text.

Summing up:

Prepostseo provides several wonderful SEO tools that not only aid SEO experts but also bloggers and writers to proofread and analyze their content and in turn make adequate changes.

These tools are duly updated on regular basis due to changing internet environment.

Its plagiarism checker, paraphrasing tool, article rewriter, DA PA checker, and word counter are the best choices among other tools available on the internet.

In short, prepostseo is one of the most recommended websites for SEO tools.

I’m a young internet marketer who love any sorts of make money online. I only recommend powerful tools, marketing courses, plugins or anything which gives me pretty good results. There are many Internet Marketing tools over there and I only recommend powerful tools that can help us to increase revenues.
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